From the Chairman’s Desk

Over the past years, we have noticed that there is a big gap between qualified job candidates and companies that are looking for suitable cadres to work for them. To fill this gap, we established the "First National Company for the Employment of Saudis" with a professional team to connect both parties with each other, in cooperation with the relevant authorities and institutions. Our confidence in the youth of our ambitious homeland and our belief in their capabilities to advance our economy to keep pace with the countries of the developed world and to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030, We made every day strive through our edifice to present all our possessions for the success of our Saudi society and contribute to the realization of its aspirations. Therefore, it is our duty to empower Saudi youth of both sexes who are looking for work and who possess high skills to find the jobs they deserve and occupy leadership positions, and on the other hand, we provide the public and private sectors with the best national cadres to benefit from their services. Ali Jaber Deeb insulted General Director