Attracting the elite

Its importance lies in selecting the best cadres that have innovation and creativity to reach high productivity and achieve the goals of the employer. Hence, FNRCO follows best practices in the processes of attracting national talent from various professional levels and contributing to the implementation of Emiratisation plans to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030. We strive to provide advanced technical solutions for recruitment and provide quick, easy and more effective ways for business owners in Saudi Arabia to find the best candidates for their jobs.

Wataniya for employing Saudis is distinguished by its ability to provide the best cadres by nominating national competencies to fill the appropriate jobs and achieving compatibility between job characteristics and their qualifications.
We also provide distinct job opportunities for national cadres according to the needs of the Saudi labor market in all specializations and job levels and in all sectors and fields.
The advantages of the employment services provided by the National Company (FNRCO) are:

  • We have a very strong database managed by a professional team that takes care of all the codecs we nominated.
  • Providing post-employment support services for cadres and establishments by meeting all needs.
  • Conducting interviews and nominating the elite cadres and classifying them according to the criteria and requirements for each job.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the cadres periodically.